Organized Carolina Laundry Room

Your laundry room might be one of the hottest spots in your Carolina home for disorganization, because you need to use it so much. The good news is that it is not terribly difficult to turn your laundry room from cluttered and crazy to clean and spacious. It just takes a little creativity and some cabinetry. With these laundry room organization ideas, you will have your laundry room looking spic and span in no time at all.

1. Create an Ironing Station

If you have a number of clothing items that you need to iron each week, you may be wasting time unnecessarily trying to find all the tools you need every time you want to press your clothes. An ironing station is just the thing to make it easy to iron your clothes and keep them looking neat as you take them to your closet. A foldable ironing board allows you to devote a minimum of space to the station. Add a shelf for the iron and starch, and a hanging rod with hangers for your clothes once they are done.

2. Set Up a Lost Sock Drawer

Many people think that the laundry is only a temporary place for clothing. However, there are certain things that have a habit of missing pairs, such as socks or gloves. Set aside a special drawer for lost socks with no matches next to your folding station. That way, when you discover the match to a sock as you are folding a load of laundry, you can slowly empty the drawer with the right pairs. No more throwing away socks, only to find the match a few days later.

3. Hide the Laundry Room Supplies

The trick to laundry room organization is that everything should be easy to reach, but not just sitting in an unsightly stack or pile. Laundry room cabinets are key to making your laundry room look professional, as if it came out of a magazine. Install laundry room cabinets to give yourself a safe place for laundry detergent, dryer sheets, spot treatment solutions and various laundry tools. The cabinets are built with quality in mind, designed to last as long as you want them. They also keep the little ones from exploring.

Laundry is often a messy affair, but your laundry room doesn’t have to be. Just consider creating an ironing station and a lost sock drawer to minimize wasted time. Add laundry room cabinets to make your space that much more inviting when it comes to chore time. When you want to turn your laundry room into all it could be, give us a call for a free Carolina laundry room organization estimate.