Kids' room in need of organization

It’s a cry often heard in homes throughout Carolina: “Clean your room!” How often do you tell your child this, and what are the results? Often, when children “clean” their room, they do nothing more than stuff their belongings behind the closet door, only to have everything topple on top of them the next time they open it.

If this is the point you have reached with your child, it’s time to get serious about kid’s room organization. Follow these tips to give your kids’ bedrooms a fresh start this winter.

Organize the Closet

Often times, your children’s bedroom closets become cluttered from no fault of their own. As they’ve grown, old clothes and toys have simply stacked up instead of being removed to make way for new items. Sift through your children’s closets and make a pile of old things to pack away for younger siblings, donate to charity or throw away if they’re not in good condition.

You’ll be amazing how much space you create by clearing out the things your children have grown out of. Just make sure you ask permission before getting rid of something. You could unintentionally make one of your children very upset if you throw out a teddy bear he’s still fond of.

Ask Your Kids for Advice

It’s your children’s rooms you’re organizing, so make sure they’re on board with the organization ideas you come up with. Ask what items they use on a daily basis to make sure these are the most easily accessible.

It’s also important to remember that the solutions you choose are for children, not adults. Many pieces of furniture and other organization solutions don’t suit a child’s needs. Stiff dresser drawers are difficult for a child to manage. Folding closet doors can pinch little fingers and fall off their tracks if closed from the bottom. High clothes hanging rods are out of reach and adult hangers don’t fit children’s clothing.

Seek out solutions that will work for your children. Ideas include eliminating closet doors altogether, lowering hanging rods, storing socks and underwear in slide-out bins, and hanging clothes on child-size hangers. Run these suggestions by your children as you organize their rooms.

Label Items

From rarely accessed boxes on the top shelf to bins your children get into every day, use labels to identify what’s stored where. Labels such as “shirts,” “pants” and “pj’s” make it easier for your kids to stay organized. For younger children, this organization tool is also a good way to teach basic spelling and reading.

In the process of reorganizing your kids’ rooms, you may realize a serious closet renovation could really benefit one or more of your children. If so, please contact us for a free Carolina closet installation estimate.