organized Carolina garage with car in it

Many people think they have missed the boat on custom garage organization if they do not get the job done in summer or fall. Winter can be a great time to get organized, too. Check out these four tips to make your garage safer, more comfortable and easier to use.

1. Set Up Overhead Garage Storage

The pain, the suffering that goes into trying to find something on a terribly messy garage floor! You need to utilize the space more efficiently, and it all starts right above your head. Overhead garage storage is an awesome place to put the items that you do not use all the time. You will love having your seasonal sports gear and holiday decorations up off the floor, but still in a system that is tightly organized and easy to get to.

2. Move Items to Garage Cabinets

When your garage ceiling is nicely organized, you can take a look at the walls. Are they empty? They should not be. Custom garage storage systems are designed to hold everything you have. Garage cabinets are an excellent choice to put away tools and equipment, so that your garage looks neat when people walk by. Custom garage cabinets give you the exact size you need, with the added benefit of sturdy cabinets that are built to hold even heavy or outsized equipment.

3. Organize Your Garage Floor

With the ceiling and walls set up for storage, you really should not have much of anything on your garage floor. Some people still have to deal with items that go there. This is an excellent opportunity to set some limits for your garage. Separate out the things that do not belong on your garage floor, like paint, household cleaners and lightweight items. Put them somewhere off the floor, or out of the garage entirely. Set aside space for larger appliances, yard equipment or machinery that needs to stay on the floor. Of course, you also need to save room for your car.

4. Make a Storage Corral for Tools

You may not be able to fit everything you need for your garage in cabinets or overhead storage. Luckily, you can also add a storage corral for oddly-sized items that can hang from hooks or track systems on the wall. Hooks will support ladders, wheelbarrows, skis and more. You can also add shelves for boxes or baskets. Considering all types of custom garage storage systems allows you to get the precise kind of storage you need for everything.

Custom garage organization is an excellent choice at any time of the year. If you want to know more about what garage storage can do for you, read about the 7 signs that you should invest in custom garage storage.