closet designsMany homeowners understand the importance of having an ideally-organized master closet, but they miss out on the convenience that designing a guest closet provides. These ideas help you turn your guest bedroom closet into a fine space for your guests, as well as an organizational haven for you.

Benefits of Guest Bedroom Closet Organization

You may have already used a closet designer to create the master walk-in closet of your dreams. However, your guest bedroom closet is also an incredibly useful source of space for you and your guests. When you have visitors to your home, do you often walk into your room and find their belongings and suitcases strewn everywhere? You can change this mess quickly by adding custom closet storage options for your guests. When they leave, you can still use that space to keep your entire home neater and cleaner.

Custom Closet Ideas for Guests

Take a moment and imagine the kinds of items that you need to store in the closet for guests. Make a list of the clothing, toiletries and gear that they will need to bring. At this point, you can start to create a design that will suit the guests who most often come to stay with you. You might designate hangers, hooks and drawers for shoes, shirts, ties, pants and more. Be sure to add a second hanging rod lower to the ground if you have small children who also come to visit. Leave some space somewhat open for guests to bring their own outdoor equipment, or to store extra beds and bedding when you have a full house. Your guests will appreciate the ability to live out of a closet instead of a suitcase while they visit, and you will enjoy the fact that your guest bedroom looks tidy whether it is occupied or not.

Extra Space in Your Reach-In Closet

closet systemsOrganization for your guest bedroom is useful for more than just your guests. Once they leave, you have all that extra space in the closet that you could use for spill-over from other rooms in your home. This is an ideal place to store:

  • holiday decorations
  • extra towels and linens
  • out-of-season gear

If you do not have a lot of space in the rest of your home for storage, you need your guest room reach-in closet to do double duty. Stock it with items that are easy to move to make room for your guests. When you need to change up the decorations and textiles in the room for a new season, all the items are right there for you. It eliminates clutter in your home and makes transitioning from one season to another far simpler.

You do not need to have a ton of closet space to make your guests feel at home. With a custom closet for your guest bedroom, you can make the room more efficient and comfortable for everyone.