Tired of a messy, overcrowded closet that makes it impossible to find anything? Wish you could change it? Using these five steps, complete closet organization is within your grasp.

Step 1: Empty the Closet

custom closet systemsAlthough it may be tempting to simply toss everything from your closet on your bed, try to avoid the inclination. Give yourself the time to keep like items together, so that you will have an easier time sorting through everything.

Step 2: Take Inventory

Once you have the items sorted into similar piles, you can take an inventory of what you need and what you want to eliminate. This is often the hardest task of closet organization. Create piles to keep, donate or throw away. If you forgot you even had it, put it in the donate pile or toss pile. Some items of particular value, including purses, designer clothing and the like, may fetch a decent price when sold on consignment. Reserve those special items you would like to sell, and consider it an investment in your new custom closet design.

Step 3: Return Out-of-Place Items

If you ever hid something in your closet because you did not want to put it away, now is the time to deal with it. Collect a box or bin of items that do not belong in your closet, and return them to their rightful places once you are done sorting. This is also a good opportunity to consider better storage options for other rooms, like garage storage, if your closet has become a catchall storage location for seasonal equipment.

Step 4: Invest in a Good Custom Closet Organization System

custom closetsYour ability to keep your closet organized is only as good as the system you create, so aim for the best. Custom closet storage allows you to keep items neat without having a bunch of things sitting exposed. Closet shelving is ideal for bulky items like blankets, or oddly-sized items that fit well in baskets. Add drawers to make a place for jewelry, scarves and other accessories. Install a hanging rod or two for the perfect spot to efficiently hang up your clothing. Do not forget about laundry, as well. A built-in laundry hamper makes undressing easy.

Step 5: Maintain

Now that you have the closet organization system of your dreams, you just need to create a plan to keep it tidy for the future. As a general rule, you should spend at least 10 minutes every week evaluating clutter buildup and putting things away. When you buy new clothes, set a goal to remove one piece for every new item that comes into the closet. This way, you do not have to worry about your closet becoming overcrowded once again.

At the end of this process, you have a closet that is organized and easy to keep clean. With a little investment of your time, you reap all the benefits.

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