custom organization: wine rackIf you fancy wine over beer, you’re probably very proud of your elegant tastes. Why not showcase your love for fine wine with a custom wine rack? The concept is tantalizing, but where do you begin? It all starts with determining what kind of wine rack system fits your lifestyle, where you want to store your wine and how large you expect your collection to grow.

Custom Wine Racks for Every Taste

Are you a beginning collector? Perhaps you have a few favorites you want to showcase with pride in a small six- to 40-bottle wine rack. Materials include wood and wrought iron and vary in design from stackable crates to modular cubes to built-in, wall-mounted racks.

Perhaps you consider yourself a connoisseur collector looking to expand your wine rack system. In this case, you may want a larger rack able to hold 50 to 200 bottles or even more. Potential designs include individual diamond bin racks, diamond cubes, square cubes and more in either long horizontal or tall vertical deigns.

Once you assess the size of your collection, you can choose the material and design that fits your lifestyle best. Perhaps you want a built-in wine cabinet above the wet bar, adding both an elegant design and purposeful functionality. A temperature-controlled, under-the-counter or end-cap wine cabinet is perfect for snatching a drink for your guests at the last minute.

Choosing a Location for Your Custom Wine Rack System

custom organization: wine racksThe best rooms for wine racks include:

  • The kitchen: Enjoy looking at your collection on a daily basis and have your favorite selections within reach if you decide to cook with some wine or have a glass with dinner.
  • The dining room: Treat your custom wine rack as a decorative piece in your dining room. You won’t have to go far if you and your guests decide mid-meal that a glass of chardonnay would go splendidly with the dish.
  • The cellar: It’s a little more out of the way, but the cooler temperatures in the cellar are the ideal place to store wine long-term. This could be the best choice if you have a large collection you plan to keep for a long time.

Wine Cellars – A Whole Room of Wine

If you have a classic notion of storing wine underground, a custom wine cellar could be perfect for you. Start your collection at any size and grow from there with custom racks that stack and fan out in all directions. Whether you prefer a more modern look or a classic style, a custom cellar is every wine enthusiast’s dream.

Your dream can become a reality! Start the process by requesting a free quote from Signature Closets today.