Whether you consider yourself a handyman or you have particular hobby that requires you to keep many tools on hand, you could be struggling to find a place to store everything. The garage is the best place to store tools, large and small, but you need the right garage cabinets to make it happen. Consider these great options for storing tools in the garage and decide which combination of the three will work best for your situation.



An empty wall in the garage is the perfect place to install slatwall. This storage solution is incredibly versatile. Available in various sizes and configurations, slatwall allows you to customize where you want to hang large tools. Rearrange the layout to make room for more tools when you expand your collection without drilling holes in the wall for hooks.

Some of the best tools to store on a garage slatwall include long-handled tools such as shovels, rakes, hoes, snow shovels, brooms and mops. You can also get baskets or utility bins designed to hang on the slatwall to hold nails, screws, hand drills, small gardening tools, cleaning supplies and more.


Pegboard is similar to slatwall in that it mounts to the wall and lets you store tools with nearly endless versatility. However, pegboard lends itself more to storing smaller hand tools directly above a workbench instead of larger tools next to where you park your car.

Stop feeling like you’re searching for a needle in the haystack by transferring all the tools from your toolbox – including socket wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, hedge trimmers, hammers, saws, measuring tape and more – to a pegboard. Group like-items together and trace around them if you want to create a silhouette on the pegboard for easy replacement when you use multiple tools at once.

Custom Garage Shelving

Your final ideal option for tool storage is to have custom garage shelving installed. You garage storageachieve maximum versatility and functionality when you have your shelves custom built to the perfect dimensions for your needs. The shelves themselves should be adjustable or removable so you can customize what you want to store at any given time. Materials and finishes should be high quality so they last for years to come.

Open-air shelves make it fast and easy to grab the tools and supplies you need, such as jars of nails and screws, work gloves, cans of paint, paint rollers, flashlights, extra paper towels, extension cords and more. If you don’t want these items visible, consider adding custom garage cabinets so you can hide them away from sight.

The way you organize your garage is up to you. Still, you may need a little help maximizing the space and making your garage as productive a work station as possible. For help implementing these garage storage systems, please contact Signature Closets. We’ve been helping residents of North and South Carolina get organized for over 20 years.