public-domain-images-free-stock-photos-tree-blossoms-bench-1-1000x666 (1)The weather is warm, the birds are singing and the sun is out. It’s officially spring; time to come out of hibernation! You might have several tasks on your spring cleaning to-do list, but the garage is one room that likely desperately needs your attention. It was too cold to spend any time in the garage during winter, but now you can throw open the garage door, let a light breeze in, and get organizing. Here are four top garage organization tips for spring.

Install a Wall Storage System

A bare wall in the garage is untapped storage space you could be putting to good use. On one side wall, install a metal wall storage system or pegboard to attach hooks to.

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A wall-mounted garage storage system keeps important tools off the floor and well within reach. It’s the ideal way to store rakes, hoes, shovels and other long-handled gardening tools you’ll need this spring. You can also mount smaller tools, such as trowels and gardening gloves. Special hooks even let you mount planters.

Pack Away Cold-Weather Items

You won’t need holiday decorations, de-icing salts, snow shovels, sleds and other winter gear for several months. Instead of keeping them in a prime storage spot, pack them away to make room for spring and summertime gear.

Overhead garage storage systems are the best solution for rotating out seasonal items. Racks mounted to the garage ceiling let you keep lesser-used items without crowding the floor. Motors or pulleys allow easy access to the racks.

garage organizersInstall Garage Shelves

These ideal garage storage systems hold all kinds of gear, from camping and sporting equipment to cleaning supplies and car parts. Some items are best stored with similar belongings in large plastic bins. Others are too large and need their own shelf to sit on.

Whatever your storage needs, you’ll find a home for everything if you cover the walls with shelves. Custom garage storage ensures the right dimensions for the items you need to store.

Hang Tools on a Wall Boardhanging garage storage

Does your garage have a work bench area? Whether your hobby brings you to the garage to work or you simply have a good supply of tools for when needs arise, a wall board is one of the best ways to store your supply of hand tools. It helps you maintain a clean workspace while still keeping tools within reach.

If you prefer a mobile option, a tool bin on wheels is the way to go. Multiple drawers allow you to organize your tools for optimal efficiency. Either way, a sealed laminated or plastic work surface is best to resist stains and dents while working on projects.

If you’re ready to transform your garage for spring, please contact Signature Closets to learn more about our home organization process.