For many families, the end of summer means it’s time to put away items like camping equipment and gardening tools. And if you plan to pile these items around your garage, you are not alone. In a recent consumer poll, 62% said the garage storage is the main area they would like to resolve. Other studies show homeowners rate the garage as the most disorganized place in the house that is used regularly.

The disorganization not only aggravates homeowners, but can risk injury and damage to your car with overstuffed garages. So whether your garage is slightly messy or stuffed to the rafters, the cool weather creeping in with fall creates the ideal time to give it a tune-up using these steps:

  1. PREP: As with any job, you need to put in some prep work. In this case, it means to come up with a plan and pace yourself. A little hard work now will pay great dividends once the job is complete.
  2. SORT: Pull everything out of the garage and set it in piles.  Categories like sporting equipment, tools, car care, lawn care, seasonal/holiday, and toys tend to work for most.
  3. DISPOSE: Get rid of “stuff.” Throw away broken or expired items. Return borrowed items. Sell or donate duplicates and items that haven’t been used in years. Be sure to recycle anything you can.
  4. CLEAN: Now I am not talking about white glove clean. It is a garage after all. But give it a good thorough cleaning, maybe even a fresh coat of paint, and wiping down gear will make you want to keep the space tidy.
  5. STORE: There are many options on the market for garage storage solutions. You can look into garage shelving, garage cabinets, or customized garage cabinets. (Signature Closets can help you with all of your garage organization needs – even on a budget.)
  6. LABEL: Label containers with a Sharpie. This will keep items in the designated area.
  7. MAINTAIN: There is always that pesky upkeep. With a car, you have oil changes. With a garden, you have weeding and pest control. Just like those tasks, when you start to see clutter growing, take a little time to take care of it and always remember to put things back where you get them.

We hope our tips help, but remember Signature Closets is willing and able to help you organize your garage. Just like any part of your life, having an organized garage can help you save time, money, and reduce stress.