Garages tend to be the catch-all of the house especially for things that won’t fit in home closets. After a while your garage is swamped and you have to climb over boxes of unused cookware or the juicer that was used twice just to get to your golf clubs! If your garage is so full of unorganized messes that you can’t get your car parked, it’s time to reclaim this space with some professional garage storage solutions by Signature Closets.

Garage Storage Trends

  • Behind closed doors – Open shelving is common in many garages, but more and more home owners are moving to garage storage systems with doors, cabinets, hooks, and drawers for ultimate organization.
  • Specialty Garage Storage – The garage is the perfect place for items such as bikes, tools, golf clubs, fishing rods, and other recreational equipment. If you have it, there is a way to store it. Did you know that there are specialized racks to hang your bicycles so they are no longer under foot?

Garage Organization Tips from Carolina Closet

  1. Give your garage a thorough cleaning. (You might even want to hold a garage sale to make a little extra money, but you could always drop of items that still have life to local thrift stores.)
  2. Look at the garage space and think of the ways you would like to use it. Do you need a recycling center, a workbench, or maybe a gardening bench?
  3. Call Signature Closets to schedule a free in home consultation for one of the many home storage solutions Signature Closets has to offer. Signature Closets has many budget friendly options! Check out our garage storage special while it lasts!