Is your car parked in the driveway because there is no room in the garage? If so, maybe you could use a few tips for organizing your garage. In honor of our garage storage special, we thought we would offer a little help.

“Safety Third”

(a little tip of the hat to Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs – Learn more about Safety Third)

  1. Store hazardous materials in original containers and put them on a high shelf or in locked garage cabinets to keep out of the hands and mouths of kids and pets.
  2. Ladders left leaning up against a wall can be a real hazard too. They can fall, damaging your car or injuring a loved one. Lean it against the wall horizontally at floor level, or look into a garage wall storage system. (It works great for rakes and brooms too.)

Keep Your Garage Clean

  1. Junk on the floor? Get it up and stored properly or get it out! For example, scattered kids’ toys cause tripping hazards for adults and health hazards for kids especially if they are in a location the child cannot easily reach or near hazardous chemicals. Use bins to help clear garage clutter.
  2. Gardening tools should be stored vertically on hooks on the wall storage system so you can get to them when you need them.
  3. Soak up spills with cat litter or sawdust. If it’s already soaked in, try oven cleaner. It needs to soak for 15 minutes, then scrub!
  4. Look into install matting or rubber tiles. Not only do they look great, but they can extend the life of concrete floors.

It’s easy to control clutter if you remember that the four walls are four more floors. With the right garage cabinets and shelves, you can actually quadruple your storage space.

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