Where did the summer go? All of those back to school clothes and supplies you bought for the kids are all over their rooms. Let’s go over some ways to keep organized for back to school season.

Trying to make the transition into the back to school routine doesn’t have to be hectic. These ideas can make it easier for everyone involved.

  1. Help the younger kids to learn the importance of organization in their closet. Use baskets in the closet floor for their shoes. They will be able to pick out their own shoes for school and it will make it easier to put them away at the end of the day.
  2. Make a space in the entry way that is convenient for book bags and coats. When you have a designated spot for items that are the last to grab on the way out and the first to drop off on the way back in, you can avoid the stress of the kids forgetting things needed for school.
  3. Have your kids make use of closet accessories by placing the next day’s clothes in an easily accessible spot inside their closet so that they can get ready quickly on school mornings.
  4. Create a pantry space designated for on-the-go snacks. This makes it easier for kids to grab a quick bite to eat if they are headed out for after school activities like sports, dancing, or music lessons. This will also help you to be sure they are not spoiling their supper as you will be in charge of what snacks go in this space.

Back to school doesn’t have to bog us down. Get organized and keep everyone punctual and efficient. Contact Signature Closets for help with kid’s room organization, closet organization, and mudrooms.