The laundry room tends to be one of the most cluttered rooms in the house. If you use your garage as a main entrance to your home, the laundry room may double as a mudroom, meaning it may become cluttered with everything from backpacks and coats to muddy boots and dirty clothes. Get rid of the clutter for good with these laundry room storage ideas.

Install Pull-Out Drawers

Large pull-out wire drawers are exactly what you need to sort laundry into batches before throwing clothes in the wash. Smaller drawers are the perfect storage area for paper towels, trash bags, sewing kits and stain remover.

Put in a Hidden Hamper

The last thing you want guests to see when they enter your home through the garage is a pile of unwashed clothes. Hide your dirty laundry in a hamper hidden discretely behind a wooden cabinet door. The door has hinges on the bottom to pivot outward so you can easily add and remove clothes from the hamper.

Mount Shelves and Cabinets

laundry room cabinetsThese storage solutions above or adjacent to the washer and dryer provide the perfect place to store laundry room accessories. On shelves, you might display decorative baskets and bins full of cleaning supplies, clothespins and dryer sheets. You might prefer to hide other laundry room and mudroom items behind closed cabinet doors, such as laundry detergent, bleach, an iron, sunscreen, bug repellant and dog food.

Install a Pull-Out Ironing Board

There’s no reason to take wrinkled clothes to another room for ironing. A pull-out ironing
board lets you quickly and easily iron your clothes without wrestling a stubborn traditional ironing board. A popular option is to hide a folding ironing board in what looks like an ordinary drawer. However, when you pull the drawer out, you can effortlessly unfold the board, do your ironing and fold it back up when you’re done. This convenient, space-saving trick is perfect for every laundry room.

Put in a Hanging Rod

closet accessoriesWhere do you hang freshly ironed shirts or delicate garments to dry? If you’re used to carting around a folding clothes drying rack, make the chore a little easier by putting a hanging rod right in the laundry room. This provides a built-in place to hang clothes right when and where you need it.

Hire a Professional Designer

You have unique needs, so the laundry room design you choose is completely up to you. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what you want until you see it. That’s why you should hire a professional designer to help you re-organize your laundry room for optimum efficiency and functionality.

For help implementing these laundry room storage ideas, please contact Signature Closets. We’ve helped North and South Carolina residents organize their homes for over 20 years.