Extended family staying on murphy beds for holidays

The holidays are the most popular time of year to travel. Most often, people visit family living in other parts of the country. To save money and increase family bonding during the trip, you could certainly end up with house guests this year. The visit is sure to be fun – and you’re definitely looking forward to it – but acting as the host can also be stressful, especially if you’re not sure where everyone is going to sleep.

Here’s the secret: convert one of your non-bedrooms into a multipurpose guest room. The room sustains its original function throughout the year, but it also acts as a guest room when necessary. Here’s what you need to make this happen.

Understand the Value of Multipurpose Guest Rooms

If you have a spare room, you have properly converted it into an office, craft room or home gym. The functional uses for these rooms help you get the most out of every square foot in your home. Unfortunately, by not have a dedicated guest room, you’re forced leave your family high and dry when it comes to staying overnight during the holidays – right?

Fortunately, with multipurpose rooms, the answer is no. You can get more out your office, craft room or home gym than you ever thought possible. The conversion process is easier and cheaper than you think!

How to Build a Multipurpose Guest Room

In just three steps, you’ll be ready for house guests this Christmas:

  • Start by moving some of the items you store in your spare room to the garage. These are things that take up too much space and that you don’t use very often. If you argue that you have no space in the garage, just look up. Overhead garage storage is the solution to expanding your storage real estate and maximizing space for holiday guests.
  • Next, install a Murphy bed in the spare room. Also called a fold-up or wall bed, a Murphy bed is the space-saving solution that makes multipurpose guest rooms possible. During the day or when you don’t have guests over, the bed remains discreetly folded against the wall, taking up very minimal floor space. When guests arrive, you can push the office desk, craft table or rowing machine out of the way so the bed can fold down, turning the space into a temporary guest room.
  • Finally, stock up on a few folding chairs you can use as extra seating at holiday meals. Your guests will love feeling like you’ve catered to them, even though the process of building a multipurpose guest room was easier than you ever imagined.

To learn more about how to organize your home and maximize space for holiday guests, please contact us today.