It is time to store away your summer clothing and prepare for the cold weather. Let’s cover some basic tips to get your closet ready for fall and winter.
• Organize your closet the way you get dressed. Tops and pants in one area with accessories and outerwear in another. Organize sweaters with accessories since they are normally the last thing to put on. Dividing them with shelf dividers helps to stop them from toppling over.
• It is best to hang your nice dress pants while jeans and casual pants can be folded and stacked on shelving.
• Use hooks to hang up light weight accessories like belts and scarves.
• Have a lot of shoes? Tennis shoes and sneakers can go on the floor. Leave your favorite shoes stacked on middle shelving while placing seasonal footwear on top shelves.
• Changing out bulky hangers with slim and slip resistant hangers is a big help before starting to organize your clothing.
• First hang your clothes by type. Then, color coordinate these clothes by category.
• Be sure your closet is properly lighted. Battery powered lighting on the walls facing the content of your closet is the best way to make certain you can see everything in your closet.