Organized Carolina home office

When you consider writing your new year’s resolutions, take a moment to give your home office the love and care it deserves. You work hard, even at home, so you need a place that works with you. With these five ways to redefine your home office organization, you will have a space that is productive, convenient and uncluttered.

1. Clean Out Your Drawers

Drawers that are not used efficiently can become a hiding spot for clutter. Like other people, you may have a single drawer that is full of pens that may or may not work. Invest a couple of hours into making your desk drawers something you can actually use. Dead pens can go in the trash, as well as old notes you don’t need anymore. Pull out files that need to be organized in a folder system.

2. Organize the Paper on Your Desk

The top of your desk is another clutter catcher that can make doing work at home a nightmare. If you sit down amongst a sea of papers, it is time to get them organized. Remove them all and clear off the desk completely. Give yourself the opportunity to sort through all documents, and take an inventory to determine how much storage you need for important files you use frequently.

3. Store Old Files

You may not need to keep every paper that crosses your path, but you certainly have a few items you have to hang onto for a time. A closet in your home office may be the ideal place. It does not even have to cost you a lot of money to get closet organization for your home office. Consider adding shelves and cabinets to your home office organization to provide you with the room you need to store previous years’ tax documents, old client information and more.

4. Build Shelves for Books and Folders

Speaking of shelves, you should think about putting some on the walls of your custom home office, as well. If you have been coping with a simple desk for all of your home working obligations, you have suffered for too long. Install home office cabinets and shelves to keep your books and folders organized. That way, you never have to dig through your desk in a fruitless search.

5. Store Pens and Pencils

Most home offices do not call for a particularly elaborate system for storing small items such as pens, pencils and paper clips. For writing implements, you may be able to save time and money by storing them in a cup on your desk. It will keep you from losing them in a drawer, and put them within quicker reach.

Let 2016 be the year that you make your home office everything it could be, and more. To learn about our home office organization solutions that are tailored just for you, contact us today.