After a hard day’s work, does going home give you a sense of tranquility?


Several studies and polls have shown that stress can come from everyday things – like sitting in a messy room. Elizabeth Scott, a wellness coach says, “Living in a cluttered home can create constant low-grade stress and subtly but steadily drain your energy.” So in order to gain some peace and tranquility, you should try to keep an organized living space free of clutter.


The main problem with this is getting is organized in the first place. Most people tackle the whole house. What you should really do make a plan to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed. For example, it may be beneficial to tackle your child’s room first – maybe the kid’s closet or the mountains of toys. You may want to do your closet first to make your clothes more accessible (or to buy more!).


Here are some ways getting organized can reduce stress:

  • Kid’s Room: Kids won’t be stuck looking for clothes and possibly make you late to work!
  • Closet: You will be able to find your clothes with much more ease. You might even find some clothes that you forgot you bought.
  • Pantry: With some organization, you can get more into your pantry and also see what you have so you don’t buy duplicates. Read more on our Pantry Organization post.


Signature Closets can’t help with the stressful daily commute or the screaming kids, but we can help get your home closets, garage, pantry organized to help create that peaceful area that you have been craving. Call us today for a free consultation!