Carolina custom wardrobe closet

You would be amazed to see how easy it is for you to put your dream closet design into reality. However, before you can start to make decisions about the construction of your closet, you first must determine your budget and the kinds of things you want to have in your closet. The Essential and Signature Series of wardrobe closets feature excellent choices that will fit your design expectations and your budget.

 Essential Series Wardrobe Closets

People sometimes make the assumption that they can either choose a custom closet design with no expenses spared, or some cheap DIY kit you can find at the store that does not really work with your closet. While these options are certainly available, they are not the only ones. It is entirely possible to take advantage of many inexpensive closet solutions that help you make every closet in your home more functional, without having to break the bank. With the Essential Series, you get a closet design that is designed to maximize every inch of space in your closet, through the use of shelving, drawers, hanging rods and more. You may be surprised to discover how much you can store in your closets with the right layout, even without investing a great deal of money. As an added plus, you still receive the high quality materials that ensure your closet will stand the test of time.

Signature Series Wardrobe Closets

For some people, the closet is the place where they get an opportunity to show off their personality and style in their homes. If this describes you and your ideas for custom wardrobe closets, you might enjoy the Signature Series. With this series of closet designs, accessories and amenities, you get the signature closet of your dreams. Virtually every choice is available to you, from the material and stains to custom benches and islands for added storage in your walk-in closet. Need extra seating in your spare room closet conversion? The Signature Series provides you with the perfect options to kick back, relax and enjoy a moment of luxury. Consider such choices as a pull-out laundry basket, ironing station and custom cabinetry that matches your home’s décor perfectly.

Whether you have a lot of money to spend on your custom closet, or you need to stick to a strict budget, you can get a closet organization system that will improve your day and make you happier with your home. When you are ready to get more information about the Essential or Signature Series, contact us for a freed Carolina closet installation estimate.