As your child grows from infant to teen, his room will change to serve different functions and appeal to evolving tastes. So the scheme you choose for the kid’s room should be flexible to allow you to make small changes from cot to college. Here are some tips to make it a bit easier on you.

  1. Color: Paint the walls a color that can be adapted to many styles and themes. Favorite colors can be used in bedding and accessories so they are easy to change later. You can always use wall decals too; they add interest without a huge commitment.
  2. Lighting: Think about a dimmer switch to accommodate for a late night feedings and play or study time as the child gets older.
  3. Furniture: Start by purchasing neutral, good quality pieces of key furniture that can transition from nursery to guest room (after the kids are gone, of course). A lot of people will tell you to go with white furniture since it can evolve with the child’s room.
  4. Storage: Of course we are going to talk about storage for kid’s rooms! We are storage people after all! Storage is an essential element to consider when decorating any room, but especially a child’s room. Versatility in storage is a must. From book shelves to encourage reading to bins that help keep toys out of the floor – those are simple things you can handle. For kid’s closets on the other hand, sometimes a professional touch is needed to allow for changes in clothing sizes and space configuration.

We aren’t color or lighting experts, but we do know about planning because that is all organization is. Signature Closets is here to help you with your storage needs for your wee tiny ones to your teens. We create storage for kids’ rooms that can grow with your child for many years to come. Call us today for your free consultation!