Murphy Wall Beds

With the holidays coming up, you have a lot on your plate. Who’s coming into town? Where will they stay? What will you serve for dinner while they’re here? Make a big dent in your holiday stress level by investing in a Murphy wall bed.

Also known as a fold out bed, a Murphy bed is stored vertically against the wall, allowing you to fold it down when needed as a temporary place to sleep. There’s no better time than right before the holidays to invest in a Murphy wall bed! Here are four reasons why.

1. A Murphy bed converts any room into a sleeping area

If you don’t have a dedicated guest room, you may be tempted to turn family and friends away. Prevent asking them to get a hotel by offering them a place to sleep on your new Murphy bed.

Decide on the best place to install the fold out bed. It might be in the office, library or craft room with a door that closes to make it private. The new addition won’t detract from the room’s existing decor; in fact, with several beautiful designs to choose from, you can install a Murphy bed camouflaged as a bi-fold cabinet door or classy shelves. Some models even feature a functional fold-down desk you can use while the bed is stored against the wall between uses.

2. A Murphy bed creates room for the whole family

A queen Murphy bed is probably the size you want to opt for, regardless of whether you have one guest or two staying over. This larger size only takes up extra square footage when it’s in use at night. During the day, it folds discreetly against the wall, leaving plenty of room for the family to enjoy one another’s company.

3. A Murphy bed lets you ditch the futon or pull-out couch

Futons were just fine back in college, but a Murphy wall bed is a much more elegant solution for your grown-up home. Futons aren’t very comfortable to sleep on anyway. And forget about the pull-out couch. It may be a multifunctional piece of furniture, but if you ever want family to stay over more than once, ditch that sleeping option and offer your guests a wall bed instead.

4. A Murphy bed is a creative place to hide presents

If you have children with prying eyes, you may think you’re out of places to hide presents. However, with a new Murphy bed at your disposal, you can carefully tuck presents within the folds of the sheets before storing the bed against the wall. Your kids will never think to look there! Just be sure to remove the presents before any houseguests arrive.

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