Laundry room storage

Laundry is a weekly chore you can’t ignore. Does your laundry room work for or against you? Decrease the amount of time you spend dwelling on dirty clothes with these four secret laundry room storage tips.

Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

Not all your clothing belongs in the dryer. Whether you’re trying to conserve energy, prolong the life of delicate clothes or save money by not buying a dryer, a wall-mounted drying rack is the perfect solution.

Drying racks come in several varieties, from accordion shapes that pull directly out from the wall to fold-down options that pivot on a hinge. Either option you choose provides a space-saving way to dry clothes without putting them in the dryer.

Fold-Out Ironing Board

In many households, a few specific clothing items must be ironed every week. From dress shirts and pants to delicate blouses and skirts, ironing is an important final step to get clothes ready to wear. Usually, due to lack of space in the laundry room, ironing is a task you must complete elsewhere.

However, with a fold-out ironing board, you can keep all your laundering activities in the same room. There are several ways to hide a fold-out ironing board from sight when not in use, including tucking it down into a drawer or folding it up against the wall. Either built-in option saves space and makes ironing a less dreaded chore.

Two Dirty Laundry Baskets

Make sorting easier on laundry day by asking family members to help you start the process. When they bring clothes down from their room once a week, ask everyone to dump white clothes in one basket and colored clothes in the other.

Make your family’s job easier by investing in double hampers for everyone’s room. At the end of each day, throwing clothes in the appropriate hamper begins the sorting process with ease. Then dumping colored items and white clothes into the appropriate laundry room basket requires no effort at all. Just remember to finish the final task of separating delicates, darks or other clothes that have special laundering requirements before you start a batch.

Laundry Room Storage Shelves

Without adequate storage in your laundry room, it’s bound to get cluttered. You need a place to store everything from stain remover and bleach to lone socks and paper towels. Otherwise your laundry room is much more difficult to work in.

That’s where laundry room storage shelves come in. This solution makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. With shelves for towels and cleaning supplies, and cabinets for detergent and bleach, your laundry room will become a much more accessible, less hectic space.

For more inspiring tips, come explore more of our DIY laundry room storage ideas. Then contact us for a free laundry room storage installation estimate.