If you have a small closet, you may find yourself pining for a larger space to store your clothes, shoes and accessories. However, it’s possible to maximize space in your small closet without tearing down any walls. All you need is the right closet system. Save money and love your closet like never before with these four brilliant small closet ideas.

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Install Pull-Out Drawers

Create a built-in dresser space inside your closet with drawers. Deep drawers are perfect for storing folded clothing items, such as sweaters, pajamas, undergarments and socks.

Waist-high shallow drawers are then ideal options for organizing your accessories. Store everything from ties and belts to necklaces and earrings in individual compartments within these drawers to keep them organized.

Put in Closet Shelving

Use shelves closer to the ceiling to store out-of-season clothes. You can neatly fold these items in brightly colored canvas baskets to make the shelf look more like a decoration than a useful storage space.

Then, customize closet shelving to run along one side of the closet for shoe storage. This keeps footwear from piling up on the floor and allows your shoe collection to shine. Shelves can be used for other purposes as well, such as storing purses, blankets, hats and bins full of accessories.

Mount Another Hanging Rod

Ample hanging storage space is one of your closet’s most important space-saving, organizational features. It’s much easier to keep your shirts and pants from getting wrinkled when you hang them instead of folding them on shelves.

However, if your closet has only a single hanging rod, you could undoubtedly benefit from mounting another. Get more use from hard-to-reach corners in narrow closets by hanging a rod perpendicular to the main one.

Hang Hooks

Wall-mounted hooks help you further maximize space in your small closet. Two ideal places to hang hooks include the inside of the closet door and on the right and left interior closet walls.

Hang all sorts of accessories on these hooks to keep them organized and off the floor. These include scarves, belts, jewelry, purses and hats, depending on the size of your hooks and how much space is around them. You can even hang clothes for tomorrow from closet hooks to make getting ready in the morning easier.

Work With a Closet Designer

Your needs are unique, so what you do with your closet is completely up to you. However, sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what you want until you see it. That’s why it’s helpful to work with a closet designer who has years of experience installing closet systems in large and small closets alike.

For help implementing these small closet ideas, please contact Signature Closets. We’ve been helping residents of North and South Carolina organize their closets for over 20 years.