Ultimate Organized Carolina Garage

The garage is arguably the most difficult room to keep organized. It’s often thought of as a utilitarian room, a place to store tools, gardening supplies and car parts. But the garage can be so much more if you take the time to organize it! You can create room to park your car, make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, and even use the garage as a place to practice your favorite hobbies. All you need to get started is this Carolina garage storage cheat sheet.

Install Garage Bike Racks

Bikes are among the bulkiest items you store in the garage. Reclaim floor space by installing racks so you can hang your family’s bikes on the wall or ceiling. Slatwall is a great solution for hanging bikes along with other bulky items. Simply install the slatwall and add or remove hooks as needed to hold exactly what you want where you want it.

You can also screw hooks into the ceiling to get bikes completely out of the way during the winter when you don’t ride as much if at all. This frees up room on the slatwall for skis, snowboards and other wintertime outdoor gear.

Build a Garage Mudroom

The room between the garage and the rest of your home is a vital transition area between the inside and outside worlds. This is where you want to store coats and jackets, boots and shoes, backpacks and purses, and other accessories. A functional mudroom helps you get out of the house with less hassle.

If your mudroom lacks features such as shoe cubbies, cabinets, shelves and a place to sit while you put on your shoes, it’s definitely a room worth giving your attention to. You’ll find that, not only does having a mudroom prevent dirt from being tracked through the house; it also eliminates the need to store shoes and coats in the garage.

Use Garage Tool Pans

The garage is a popular place to store tools. If yours often end up rolling around on the floor, garage tool pans could be the solution you’re looking for. Hang these pans from the slatwall behind your tool bench so screwdrivers, hammers, measuring tape and other tools remain close at hand without taking up valuable space on the work surface.

Install Custom Garage Cabinets

If your goal is to create a streamlined look, custom garage storage cabinets could be just what you need to clean up your garage and keep items off the floor. When you can close cabinet doors over the items you store in the garage, the room always looks neat and tidy, even if the cabinet shelves store unsightly car parts, cleaning supplies and pesticides.

If this garage storage cheat sheet inspires you, please contact us for a free Carolina garage storage installation estimate to get started on organizing your garage today.


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