Since food and socializing go hand-in-hand, the kitchen is probably the center of activity in your home, especially when you have guests over. Does your current pantry setup accommodate the needs of your family and guests around dinnertime? If not, one reason could be that your pantry lacks adjustable shelves. This simple feature makes a pantry of any size more functional.

If you have a hard time seeing why adjustable pantry shelves are so important, consider these four benefits.

1. Added Accessibility and Storage Space

The whole reason to install adjustable shelves is so you can alter the pantry shelf spacing as needed. You have the ability to change pantry shelf spacing depending on the height of objects you place on each level. This ensures not an inch in your pantry goes to waste.

2. Custom Design for Your Pantry

The way you prefer to utilize pantry space and the way your next-door neighbor organizes his pantry may differ drastically. Adjustable shelves let you decide how many to install and at what level. This gives you complete control of your pantry storage shelves, making it easy to customize a layout that works for you and your family.

3. Organization Made Easy

Your cooking preferences and the associated tools and ingredients change throughout the year. In the fall and winter, you might need storage space for potatoes, yams, cans of pumpkin puree and ready-made soups. In the spring and summer, your cooking might entail more grilling and salad making.

With adjustable shelves, you can change the pantry shelf design at different times of year to utilize the space to the fullest and keep things organized. No matter the season, your adjustable pantry shelves make it easy to organize food products by category so you know where everything is at all times. On this note, you may find our 4 Simple Pantry Organization Tips useful.

4. Ability to Grow with Your Family

If you have small children right now, you need plenty of shelf space for jars of baby food. However, your kids won’t stay little forever. Soon they’ll want easy access to the foods they like so they can serve themselves. At the same time, you want to keep certain items up higher where only adults can reach.

As your family’s needs change, you can adjust the pantry shelf spacing accordingly. For example, you may want to accommodate taller cereal boxes at a level your kids can easily reach while leaving room near the top of the pantry for your wine bottle collection.

Are you thinking about adding adjustable pantry shelving to your kitchen? It’s not a DIY job you should tackle yourself, so please contact us today for a free Carolina Closet pantry installation estimate.

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