What’s worse than trying to get dressed and you can’t find the shirt or shoes that you want to wear. A messy closet takes valuable time away from your day. If you are losing clothes in your closet as often as socks in the dryer, then it is time to make a change. Here are some easy tips to help you decrease the clutter and organize your life.

What is the Best Way to Organize a Small Closet?

The answer? Whatever works best for you. Do you organize your outfits together or do you organize by color. Both ways work well as long as you are consistent every week. Keep reading for 6 tips to organize your life – starting with your small closet.

Small Closet organization tips

Organizing a small closet may seem difficult but you can make some small changes to make it more “user friendly”. For tips on cleaning out useless clothing (I think most of us hold on to useless items in our closet) Marie Kondo has some great ideas on how to get rid of excess stuff and she also shows an amazing way to fit more clothes neatly organized into drawers. You may just need to add a few items such as storage bins to make this method work for you. This will save you time and is very budget friendly.
If you are still organizationally challenged, a professional closet organization system is a great solution but you will still need to figure out an organized system.

Now, onto our closet organization to do list

  1. Purge your useless item. The key to any home organization project is to declutter first. Place items in piles to be given away, to be altered, to keep, toss or to move elsewhere. Donate clothes, jewelry, and other accessories you haven’t worn in six months, and toss damaged or unusable items.
  2. It’s easy to assume a bedroom closet is your only option for storing clothes and shoes – but winter coats, raincoats and boots may be more efficiently stored in a coat closet closer to the exit doors of your home.
  3. If you have a section for blouses, shirt or other “short” hanging items in your closet, you may have room to add a small dresser or shoe rack beneath them for additional storage.
  4. Use dividers to create zones. You can divide zones by categories such as jeans, sweater and dresses. Or you can divide by color. Make sure you keep items that you use often in a place with convenient access.
  5. Use wall space to hold smaller items such as scarves and necklaces.
  6. Footwear can take up take up closet space. Put them on a shelf, shoe rack or store on the back of the closet door. Organize by type – tall boots can fit under shirts, while shoes can usually fit under longer items such as dresses.

Now that you have put in the work or money, keep it up every day.

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