Nearly six-in-ten Americans say they are now working from home. Organizing and decluttering your home office can improve your life and put you on the straight and narrow. If you live in Charlotte and you feel like life is spiraling out of control because your home office organization is a mess, keep reading!

You can do several things to organize your home office, including decluttering, labeling, and creating work zones. Following a few steps can get your home office organized in Charlotte!

Here are seven tips for home office organization.

  1. Office Organization Begins With Decluttering
    Before you do anything, it’s a good idea to declutter. Getting rid of ‘stuff’ that’s no longer needed or wanted is a significant first step in office organization. Decide what you can throw away and what you can donate. And don’t forget to include a ‘keep’ pile! Dismantle any cabinets or storage units that are in disarray or broken.Decluttering helps you get rid of things that are taking up space. It also enables you to realize what’s important to you.
  2. Labeling
    Any home office organization guide should include labels. Rather than rooting through each drawer or cabinet looking for things, you’ll know ‘what’ is ‘where.’ Labels make everything crystal clear! There are several ways to create labels for your office organization systems, including handwritten or using a custom label maker.You can also create a color-coded labeling system. For example, tax forms go in the yellow drawer, while health insurance forms go in the green drawer. Many find colors easier rather than reading each label.Carolina home products can help you with labeling by allowing for space on the front of drawers, cabinets, and shelves.
  3. Creating Work Zones
    Creating work zones allows the establishment of specific stations or ‘zones’ for different tasks. A system like this works best if your home office is like an assembly line where you make crafts. For example, you can create one zone for cutting paper and another for punching holes into paper. When you develop zones, you can leave all equipment in one place. Your tools won’t go missing throughout the workday.You can also use home office storage systems to store equipment for specific zones, such as scissors, staplers, or cutting knives.Consider adding a printing station because of their bulkiness. You get a big printer off your desk and put everything in one spot.
  4. Organizing Email
    The average person sends and receives more than 120 emails each day. As part of your home office organization guide, organizing your inbox is essential. When your inbox number keeps rising, it creates more stress during your workday. Prioritize emails each day by setting different folders in your email program. You can set these by the domain name. Filters can also help.Unsubscribe from any emails that no longer provide useful information. How much junk mail do you get at home? Email is the same, and once you toss it from your email box, it will stop cluttering things up!Still confused? Look for an online workshop to help you figure out the software. In just a few minutes, you will breathe much easier!
  5. Filing System
    There are plenty of products on the market, such as Carolina home products and home office storage systems that can help with a filing system. A sound filing system makes your office more efficient and gives you better control. Use labels, color-coded hanging file folders, and separate drawers and cabinets. Keep a streamlined file system and discard anything outdated or no longer used. Create categories and subcategories.Your filing system can also include action, archive, and shredding folders. As you go through papers, you can put them where they belong. Use boxes for the top of filing cabinets for your office organization guide’s most important, urgent tasks.As your business grows, you’ll want to know where significant work is in your office. Even if you scan it into a database, you’ll want a permanent copy.
  6. Organizing Your Desk
    You are likely to spend most of your time during the day at your desk. It’s like any room in your house, so it needs organization to keep you focused. Clear off your desk of any paperwork or clutter. Toss what you don’t need and keep the rest.Ensure your computer screen is at a good height to avoid straining your back or neck. Get a pillow if you need it, and make sure your chair is comfortable. Be sure your lighting is at a comfortable wattage for your eyes.Consider hiding any computer or charging cables. Add a speaker to play music (separate from your computer). Put a plant on your desk to lighten things and give the office a pleasant fragrance.
  7. Hiring a Professional
    If you don’t have the time, hiring a professional organizer is one of the best things when your home office is a mess. Professional organizers offer custom tips suited to your needs. It’s simple. You give them a list of things you want, and they come up with a plan.Organizers will come to your home office with all the tools, office storage systems, and office organization systems. You can sit back and watch your office transformation, just like those home improvement television shows!Why spend time figuring things out on your own? You will likely make a mistake, and it will only cost you more money over time. You won’t have to shop for shelving or cabinets with professionals doing all the work.

    Use These Tips for the Best Home Office Organization

    Don’t let a messy home office get you down! The best office organization happens in seven steps: decluttering, labeling, creating work zones, and organizing email. Don’t forget to make a filing system, organize your desk, and if all else fails, hire a professional!

    Get your home office organized today!

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