With the popularity of custom closets on the rise, you may wish you had the budget to deck out your closet with functional shelving, drawers and dividers. Even if funds are tight, you can still get more out of your closet without spending a lot. Just try these six inexpensive closet solutions.

1. Shoe Box Drawer Organizers

If your closet has built-in drawers, it’s easy for them to become disorganized. Put everything in their proper place by lining the drawers with shoeboxes, cereal box cutouts and cardboard containers of other shapes and sizes. This gives you the ability to separate drawers into sections for more effective organization. For a fun, professional looking finished product, cover the boxes with wrapping paper before tucking them into a drawer.

2. Accessory Pegboards

A lightweight cardboard pegboard hung on the outside of the closet door is the perfect place to hang jewelry, hats, purses and other accessories. Simply attach hooks and small baskets to the pegboard to hold the accessories you want on display there. This inexpensive closet organization trick keeps your closet organized and makes it easy to quickly grab the items you need.

3. Suitcase Organizers

Does your luggage currently take up space in the basement or garage? Why not put them to good use, even when you aren’t traveling? Load up suitcases with out-of-season clothes, spare linens and extra blankets. Then tuck them in the back of the closet for better accessibility when you need these items.

4. Hanging Shelves

If your closet features nothing but a hanging rod and a shelf at the top, you can add functional shelves with an inexpensive closet solution: simply purchase fabric-hanging shelves and attach them to the hanging rod in your closet. Now you have the option to store folded jeans, sweaters, towels, linens, shoes, purses, hats and other bulky items that don’t easily hang up.

5. Shower Rings on Hangers

Instead of wasting precious closet space and multiple hangers to organize your scarves, place a set of shower rings on a single hanger and feed one scarf through each ring. This is an inexpensive closet organizer you can make yourself!

6. DIY Non-Slip Hangers

Silky, wide-necked shirts tend to slide off ordinary hangers. Instead of spending lots of money on factory-made non-slip hangers, why not make your own? It’s as simple as hot gluing pipe cleaners to the top of each hanger. This inexpensive closet solution helps hold slippery clothes in place so they don’t fall to the floor and get wrinkled.

If you liked these cheap closet organization ideas, be sure to check out these other affordable ways to organize your closet. For something more professional but still available on a budget, come explore our inexpensive closet solutions. Then contact us for a free Carolina Closet installation estimate when you’re ready.