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The garage tends to be one of the messiest rooms in the home. Since it’s not part of the living space, it’s easy to toss odds and ends in there and close the door. Out of sight out of mind, right? Well, not exactly. You could benefit from organizing your garage so it becomes more functional and leaves space to park your car. If you’re ready for the ultimate garage organization cheat sheet, read on.

Install Metal Shelves Lined with Plastic Bins

Metal is one of the most durable garage shelving materials. It’s also fairly easy to get your hands on high-quality metal shelves and install them yourself for DIY garage storage. Clear plastic bins make for the best storage options because they keep similar items together and allow you to see what you’re storing. For even better organization, label each bin with its contents so you can find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it.

Utilize Wall Space and Hang Everything

There’s only so much floor space to store things like ladders, bikes, golf bags and gardening equipment. Many of these items are too large to set on shelves, so why not hang them from the wall? Special hooks mounted to slat wall allow you to hang even very heavy objects and conserve precious floor space.

Add a Pegboard

Another way to hang things on the wall is to mount a pegboard, especially above a workbench. This turns the wall into a versatile surface where you can mount hooks, baskets and trays to store hand tools, hardware, rolls of tape, hedge trimmers and more. Metal pegboards are the sturdiest option for a long-lasting garage organization system.

Mount Magnetic Strips

This is another great way to organize tools above a workbench. Magnetic strips come in many sizes and can hold anything metal up off the work surface. Popular tools to hang on magnetic strips include scissors, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, saws, gardening trowels, measuring tape and more.

Install Garage Cabinets

Cabinets are an often-overlooked type of garage organization system, but they provide some of the most versatile storage. Plus, with the option to close the doors over the items stored inside, garage cabinets give the space a clean, streamlined look. You can custom design your garage cabinets to optimize your storage needs and make the space feel bigger and less cluttered.

When choosing cabinets, make sure you select the type that mounts to the wall. This keeps the cabinets a few inches above the floor to help protect against pests and water damage. For ideas of how to organize your garage with cabinets, explore our Premier Garage Cabinets.

Feeling inspired by our garage organization cheat sheet? When you’re ready to implement these tips, please contact us for a free Carolina garage storage system installation estimate.

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