Organized Carolina home office

To some, trying to get work done at home is an oxymoron. However, there are lots of things you can do to dramatically improve your custom home office productivity. By personalizing your space, finding a secluded location for the office, keeping the desk tidy and taking advantage of natural lighting, working in your office will become a pleasure instead of a chore.

1. Customize Your Home Office Space

Unlike an office at work, this space is rather uniquely your own. Even if you have to share the home office with your spouse and kids, you can still find ways to make it feel a little more comfortable. Make space for pictures, motivating images or other decorations you enjoy. Leave room for your favorite coffee cup, so that you can sip while you work. You can easily do this while setting aside an appropriate amount of space for your office supplies. Shelves and cabinets are perfect to show off a little of your personal style while keeping you organized.

2. Reduce Distractions by Finding a Secluded Spot

Your home office furniture is intended for work, but sometimes the office ends up in a spot that is anything but conducive to concentration. Noise distracts you, as does the frequent interaction with the kids and their friends as they pass through the room. Eliminate these problems by selecting a location for your office that sets you apart from the chaos.

3. Clean Your Desk Frequently

It may feel like cleaning your desk daily is a hassle. However, it is much worse to let clutter and garbage pile up until you cannot think straight, much less find what you need. Implement reasonable organizational practices that make it easier to sort and file important papers and keep office supplies in order and throw things away. Have a bin for garbage and recycling. Remember to empty your garbage at least once a week, or more often if you occasionally eat food at your desk.

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4. Work in a Sunny Place

Take a moment to consider the lighting arrangement in the room. Is it particularly harsh or too dim? Straining to see in the darkness or fighting a headache from a light that is too bright will kill your productivity in short order. Instead, locate your desk near a window with moderate sunlight coming through. Install high windows to maximize natural lighting. Position your desk so that you can enjoy looking out the window or feel the fresh breeze coming through. Add desk lighting like lamps to help you see better when it is dark outside.

Improving the productivity in your home office just takes a little planning and an eye for design. To check out our custom home office solutions, contact us for a free home office organization estimate.