garage organization

Summer garage organization is like a tradition in many families. Now is the time for you to join in and finally get your garage up to snuff. Check out these garage organization tips that save you time, money and reduce your stress.

Make Sure Items are Off the Ground

You know how clutter happens in the garage. You start an organization project and have to stop halfway through. Three weeks later, the boxes, bags and bins are still sitting there in various places on the floor. Set a goal this time to get them up off the floor for good. Using garage management systems for wall and ceiling helps to keep your items dry, and out from under your foot. You will thank yourself when you can walk through the garage and not trip on anything.

Get Creative With Storage Ideas

This is your opportunity to make your garage the space that you need it to be. Right now, you might not be able to keep much in it. With some great garage management ideas, you can really expand the accommodation your garage affords you. Make a list of the things that you currently store in your garage, and then compare it to a list of categories you would like to store. From pool or beach items and gardening tools to hardware and woodworking materials, you would be shocked how much your garage can hold if you simply get creative.

Make Frequently-Used Items Accessible

With that list of items you want to store, make special note of the things you use all of the time. These possessions need to be right at hand, where you can grab them in a hurry as you walk through the door. Create a station where everyone in the family has the stuff they usually take before they hop in the car. Buckets or bins keep everyone’s things tidy and separate. Be sure to set them at an appropriate height so all family members can reach their own items without a lot of help from mom and dad.

Keep Mice and Pests Out

Pests love to build nests in your garage. It is much more temperate in there than the weather outside, and they are protected from the elements. You can eliminate their potential homes by making the garage less enticing. Never leave containers of food for mice and other rodents to burrow into. Protect your food storage effectively, if you store it in your garage. Regularly inspect for signs of insect infestation, and spray as needed.

Getting your garage under your complete control is a very reasonable goal for you this summer. With a few garage design ideas, you can keep a tidier, more useful garage. Learn more about Carolina’s Premier Garage Cabinets. To get more information about garage management for your home, contact us for a free garage organization estimate.