kids bedroom closet

Ack, the kids’ closets are a complete disaster! They need a major overhaul. With these kids’ bedroom closet ideas, you get your children’s closets completely organized with ways to help them stay that way.

1. Make Sure Everything is Visible and Accessible

More than adults, kids need to be able to see something to have a good sense of where it belongs. This underscores the necessity of using wire or translucent baskets and drawers for their things. If you have trouble estimating where your small children can reach in the closet, try entering the closet on your knees or even sitting down. This will give you a much better idea of how tall things can be for the kids to get their own clothing and put it away. In a deep closet, keep shoes and toys from falling to the back where short arms cannot reach.

2. Customize Your Kids’ Bedroom Closet

The major difference between kids’ closet designs and adult closets is that closets for young people need to be highly adaptable. Not only do children change styles and hobbies as they get older, their clothing also dramatically increases in size over time. Child closet organization solutions should emphasize practical use for a child, with the ability to easily expand the organization over the years.

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3. Use Double Hangers

It seems like kids need fewer clothes than adults, but this is not necessarily true. Many children have clothing for school, play, work and dressy events. Double hangers help to separate outfits like dresses and leggings or dress shirts and slacks so that kids can match items quickly. Double hangers also conserve space in what is usually a smaller closet.

4. Add a Door Shoe Rack

Small closet organization ideas typically focus on maximizing every inch of available space. A shoe rack added to the back of the closet door takes advantage of a space that often goes completely unused. If you hang the rack from the top of the door, make sure that the shoes your children use most frequently are near the bottom where they can easily grab them. Put out-of-season boots and other infrequently used gear on the higher levels.

5. Easy-to-Use Bins

Little hands have a harder time working with certain kinds of drawers and cabinets. When you consider the best kids’ bedroom closet management solutions, select containers that are easy for your kids to use right now. Bins and drawers tend to be simplest, especially if the child can quickly identify what belongs in each bin or drawer. Your reward will be your kids getting their own outfits instead of asking you to do it.

These kids’ closet management ideas are just the beginning. Learn more about kids’ room organization, and contact us for a free Carolina closet installation estimate to see what the right kids’ closet designs could do for your home.